Whitehaven Beach Camping

The Southern end of the beach has a dedicated Whitehaven Beach Camping Location.  Tent sites are available right by the beach and larger sites for friends and family are available just 20 meters from the beach line. The campsite is low impact and consists of tent sites, compost (Hybrid) toilets and picnic benches.

There are 7 designated areas to place your tent amongst the trees and the area is soft enough for tent pegs. With a maximum capacity of only 36 campers, you will have the beach mostly to yourselves after the tours leave. Although National park rangers make regular patrols, mostly there is no one on the site. You are responsible for your own safety on Whitehaven Beach


Camping area –  Campsites are behind the beach among lowland vine forests.

Location –  30km east of Shute Harbour.

Access – The camping area can be reached by boat at all tides.

Number of  Campsites – 10 sites including a large group camping area. Maximum of 36 people.

Camp site surface – Sand and dirt.

Facilities – Hybrid toilets, sheltered picnic table (communal).

Open fires: Prohibited.

Generators: Not permitted.

Campsite all set up at Whitehaven Beach

Camping Is The Only Accommodation On Whitehaven Beach


You need to be a serious camper to make the most of your stay. This campsite is over 30km from the mainland and on an island in the Great Barrier Reef Park. There is 0% population or any other form of accommodation, depending on the day there may be some private yachts anchored off the beach or there may not be. from late afternoon to mid-morning the next day the beach will be all yours!

How To Camp On Whitehaven Beach

There is a process to Camp on Whitehaven Beach and it’s not the easiest, below we detail the process of booking your National Parks Permits, catching a ride to Whitsunday Island and the camping equipment you will need.

Step 1
Your camping permit must be booked through the National Parks website here

In the booking selection, you want to select the below

  1. Region – Whitsundays
  2. Length of stay – Select how many nights
  3. Access Type – Boat
  4. Accommodation type – Tent
  5. Enter Park Name – Type and select Whitehaven Beach Whitsunday Island
  6. Date of stay – select your dates
  7. The next page shows a list of locations within the Whitsundays National Park, scroll down and select Whitehaven Beach
  8. From here you can book the nights and check availability for when you want to stay
  9. Create an account and book your stay, you will need to print out your camping permit and take it with you to Whitehaven Beach


Step 2 

Book your boat transfers (if you don’t have your own boat)

Scamper Whitsundays services most campsites in the Whitsundays including Whitehaven Beach Campsite. The scamper website is here 

it can be confusing to where to book your transfers to, and what time they depart each location, if you haven’t booked before, call or email them  on the below details or see their transfer schedule here 

Scamper Whitsundays Contact Details

Phone – 0487 226 737
Email – info@whitsundaycamping.com.au


Step 3 

Camping Equipment – if you have your own tent or swag that’s great skip the next bit and see below for a list of recommendations to take with you.

Camping Equipment hire 

Scamper you have the transfer boat above also hire camping equipment , they have for hire

Spinafex 3-man Dome Tent
Gas Stove
Cooler 55L
Cooler 25L
Sleep Mats
Pot & Frypan
Cutlery Set
Camp Chair
Sleeping Bag
Snorkel Mask
Stinger Suit
Self Inflatable sleep pad –
4 man Dome Tent
6 man Dome Tent

Other options they offer are

Kayak Hire
Food and Water drops

for a full list of Scampers camping equipment hire and prices click here


Step 4 

Recommended items to take with you

Tent or swag
Sufficient food and water, plus extra in case of emergency. (None of the islands have fresh water).
Bring enough water for drinking, cooking, washing and bathing; allow at least 5 litres per person per day.
A gas or fuel stove for cooking (fires or ash-producing stoves are not permitted).
A first aid kit, lots of vinegar and get advice on recognising and treating stings from dangerous marine stingers.
Reliable equipment such as torches, AM/FM radio and VHF radio.
Dehydrated food and minimal packaging.
Sturdy food containers and rubbish bags.
Camping gear cleaned of seeds, insects and vermin.
Tarpaulin, sunscreen and personal insect repellent.

island taxi scamper dropping off campers at Whitehaven Beach

More tips for camping at Whitehaven Beach

Camping Location Map For Whitehaven Whitsunday Island

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