The North end has the famous Hill Inlet Lookout. You can access this by Tounge bay on the north end of the long spit you see in the pictures. At this location, you will locate a walking track that will take you about 15 – 20 minutes to reach the lookout. During the walk, you will pass through the Australian bush, and you always have a chance of seeing some wildlife.

As you reach the top, from out of nowhere appears the 7km long wonder of this Top 10 Beach, as you look west you will see the famous swirling sands of Hill Inlet as the wind far up a river like a channel into the mountains that make up the island.

From here you can take a 10-minute walk down to Bettys Beach. While this is technically not Whitehaven Beach, it has all the same properties including the silica sand. Why someone named this a different beach when it’s adjoined to Whitehaven is beyond us.