Boat Moorings At Tongue Bay

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Below you will find the information needed for boat owners that want to access Hill Inlet Lookout from Tongue Bay. As this is the main access point for the walk to the lookout and Whitehaven Bay it’s essential to know which moorings you can use for the size of your vessel.

Where is Tongue Bay?

Located on the northern side of the inlet this mooring and anchoring location gives shelter from the prevailing southerly winds that occur in the Whitsundays 80% of the year. Use these moorings for access to Hill Inlet and Betty’s Beach

Location Of Moorings At Tongue Bay

Below you will find a table of the moorings along with the classification and vessel length that are allowed to use them, you will also find the GPS location for each boat mooring.

Mooring ClassMax Length Of VesselGPS Location
B20 Meters20° 14.302’S 149° 01.120’E
B20 Meters20° 14.346’S 149° 01.087’E
B20 Meters20° 14.386’S 149° 01.070’E
B20 Meters20° 14.437’S 149° 00.970’E
B20 Meters20° 14.395’S 149° 00.961’E
C25 Meters20° 14.296’S 149° 01.011’E
C25 Meters20° 14.344’S 149° 01.040’E
C25 Meters20° 14.256’S 149° 01.100’E
C25 Meters20° 14.302’S 149° 01.070’E
D30 Meters20° 14.347’S 149° 00.976’E
D30 Meters20° 14.248’S 149° 01.042’E
D30 Meters20° 14.401’S 149° 01.014’E
D30 Meters20° 14.337’S 149° 00.912’E
D30 Meters20° 14.287’S 149° 00.954’E

Image and PDF download of Tongue Bay mooring locations

Map showing location of Public Moorings at Tongue Bay

Mooring Wind Protection From

Wind protection from the following winds

  • North
  • North West
  • West
  • South West
  • South
  • South East

Further Mooring Information For Surrounding Islands 

For a full list of public moorings available around the Whitsunday Islands see this brochure from the Queensland Government Parks and forests website here


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