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Betty’s Beach is a small hidden gem in the Whitsundays, a haven of seclusion and unspoiled beauty. With its mesmerizing views and breathtaking scenery, it’s the perfect place to disconnect from the chaos of everyday life. Located on the edge of Hill Inlet this special beach has the same sands as Whitehaven and is far less crowded.

Looking over Betty's Beach

Where is Bettys Beach In The Whitsundays?

Betty’s Beach is accessible only by boat, which adds to its exclusivity. You can take a private yacht, a group tour, or a bareboat charter to reach the eastern side of Whitsunday Island, near Tongue Bay and on Hill Inlet Point. The beach is part of the Whitsunday Islands National Park and is open year-round, but the best time to visit is between May and September.  The beach can also be accessed from the Hill Inlet walking track from Tongue Bay

This beach has flat water 95% of the year, with no waves or ocean swell. Why? it’s protected from the Great Barrier Reef, and winds from the south, west, and north, plus its protected from the island itself (see the map below)

What to Expect

Betty’s Beach is a nature-lover’s dream, with its crystal-clear waters, powdery sands and lush greenery. Swimming and sunbathing are just some of the activities you can enjoy in this small tranquil paradise in Queensland Australia. Exploring the nearby Hill Inlet lookout trail and Australian bush is also a great way to discover the area’s hidden gems. (there are a few off trail lookouts)


when we talk about activities on Bettys Beach in the Whitsundays it’s good to remember this beach is 34km offshore on an uninhabited island. So activities are limited to nature based programs including 

  • Swimming in the ocean
  • sunbathing
  • exploring the beach
  • Hill inlet lookout walk
  • Canoeing (if you have one)
  • Standup paddle board  (if you have one)

Betty’s Beach offers plenty for people who love to disconnect from life and get back to barebone nature.

Bettys Beach on Whitsunday Island QLD AUD

My Hot Tip For Visiting Betty’s Beach

Prosail Whitsundays has overnight tours (two to three nights) that dedicate a good amount of time on Betty’s Beach and the surrounding Hill Inlet and Whitehaven Beach. you will find their sailing trips on our tours page in the overnight section. Boat names they have are Hammer, Condor and Broomstick.


Betty’s Beach on Whitsunday Island is well worth visiting if you have an appreciation for deserted island beaches and experiencing the true beauty of the Whitsundays. 

You won’t find this beach in many advertisements for the region making it one of the hidden gems but most sought after for people with a taste of adventure.

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