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Discover a variety of Hamilton Island accommodation options on this page. Our list includes different types of places to stay, such as hotels, apartments, bungalows, and holiday homes. Each type of accommodation has its own special features to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

Hamilton Island is in the centre of the Great Barrier Reef marine park, making it a great place for visitors who want to explore the reef and enjoy water activities. Hamilton island is close to popular spots like Whitehaven Beach and Whitsunday Island. This page helps you find the right place to stay based on your preferences.

Explore the list to find the perfect accommodation for your holiday on Hamilton Island.

Options Available To Stay On Hamilton Island

Getting To Hamilton Island

You can get to Hamilton Island by plane or by boat. The island has its own airport, making it easily accessible by direct flights from major cities in Australia.

Alternatively, you can arrive by boat, with several ferry services operating from the mainland, particularly from Port of Airlie and Shute Harbour to Hamilton Island. Cruise Whitsundays operate the ferry services, and the transfer from Shute Harbour and Port of Airlie to Hamilton Island takes approximately 35 minutes and 55 minutes, respectively. Once you arrive, Hamilton Island offers complimentary airport or marina to accommodation transfers to make your journey hassle-free.